ROAST: Save My Telly


There’s nothing more frustrating than a game that is almost fun.  It’s like playing “Simon Says” with ear-plugs, or kickball with a broken toe.

Save My Telly has promise.  It’s a well-thought-out game, with a good-enough premise.  Why wouldn’t a beaver be afraid of rain and need you to stack rocks and straw to protect her television from aliens?  Seems plausible to me.

Graphics are good.  Music has been well-chosen.  Sound effects are entertaining.  So what’s the problem?

Just one thing – the multi-touch controls suck.  And when I say suck, I mean suck hard.  This app is based on the Unity game engine, which might be part of the problem, but I’ve not seen other Unity-based games perform this poorly.

Moving items is jerky and unintuitive.  The physics engine behaves as if it’s on cheap methamphetamines.  Logs, rocks, bales of hay, and TVs are jumping all over the place.  It makes getting through a level of the game down-right miserable.

Read past the friends-and-family review section on Google Play, and you’ll quickly start to find users complaining about the same things.  One reviewer put it particularly well:

Objects don’t snap to position intelligently and it’s far too easy to accidentally knock things over and too fiddly to stack them well. It could be really good but it needs work. Androidtapp who gave it 5/5 must’ve been slipped some cash…

Slipped something indeed.

UPDATE: I heard from Behold Studios right away about our roast.  We love hearing from devs, particularly about the things that we bitch and moan about.  You can read the full response in the  comments section below this post, but I wanted to highlight a couple of points in particular.

First, Behold is aware of the multi-touch issues and are working on it as we speak.  Great!  I’m anxious to see the game improve.  As I mentioned earlier, it has great potential and the annoying multi-touch issues are just a distraction that get in the way of having fun.

Second, Behold says that they didn’t slip anything to Android Tapp.  Android Tapp also says that they didn’t get any love from Behold Studios, even though they openly solicit payment on their web site.  That’s fine.  We’ll just chalk the whole paid review accusation up to us being assholes here at AppRoasters and Android Tapp being incompetent at app reviews.  Yup, that sounds about right.

All of that craziness aside, if you can get past the frustration of the physics, or better yet if Behold Studios fixes the damn thing, the game has promise.  I found the achievements to be reasonably paced.  Also the items in the store keep the game interesting as you try to figure out which things defend best against which natural (or unnatural) disaster.

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2 Responses to “ROAST: Save My Telly”

  1. April 4, 2012 at 3:48 pm #


    I’m sorry to read that you didn’t like the game. About the physics, it’s just that you can’t push one object into the other:. you have to actually lift it real close so that they don’t react with each other.

    About the Android Tapp review – No, we didnt “slip” anything. We didnt pay for the review and we don’t know the reviewer as we are a Brazilian game studio. That’s a false accusation and a really sad one.

    Overall, I’m glad with the score you gave for the game. Don’t look like a “Roast” if you ask me, just a good review with a lot of personal hate for the physical part of the game that frustrated you. I guarantee that this issue has been given lots of attention of our pragrammers and we are trying to make it as smooth as it can get.


    Ronaldo Sampaio Nonato
    Public Relations
    Behold Studios

    • Editor
      April 5, 2012 at 11:35 am #

      Glad to get such a timely response, Ronaldo! Also glad to hear that you’re updating the game to deal with the multi-touch sensitivity issues. I’ll update the roast above to include your feedback.

      As I mentioned in the roast, the game has real potential, and I’ll be excited to see it improve. Let us know if you want us to do a follow-up…

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